Author: Pasquale Manzo
Title: Friendship
Measurements: 40x50 CM

Pasquale Manzo's Pulcinella has the shape of an egg. Legend has it that the most iconic mask of Naples was born from an egg. Pasquale Manzo in his works remains faithful to the Neapolitan tradition and legends. Why is Pulcinella born from the egg? Because it actually symbolizes life, fertility, luck. The outstretched arms - in order to achieve the goals we have set ourselves - represent the aspiration of the iconic mask of Naples to rise. Naples needs to reach the sky. And he can do it only through the Art.

Author's graphics printed on Fowa Richard paper in limited edition, numbered and signed by the author with certificate of guarantee. Paper on 100% cotton support in natural white color and matt surface without optical brighteners and ISO 9709 certified.

Pasquale Manzo - scultore e pittore

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