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Author: Le Voci di Inside with Alessandra Falcone

The Candy Hands work is part of the project "Il Linguaggio de le mani" by Stefania Mussolino, a sculptural collection, the result of a study by the artist and artisan, carried out on the world of gestures: a set of decorations and different ones with which to give or treat yourself to many objects to decorate and furnish your home.

Each painting is handcrafted, the technique used does not allow two or more perfectly identical pieces to be obtained, any slight difference, especially in colour, must therefore be considered as a unique characteristic of the product. Since this is an artisanal production, the final product may differ slightly from the photo

Stefania Mussolino established herself over time as a Neapolitan artisan and artist thanks to personal and artistic research, driven by the desire to give shape to beauty through materials recovered almost everywhere and transformed into "frames".

In his creations you can discover the history, folklore, contrasts and traditions of Neapolitan culture.

His sculptures catapult you into the heart of Naples, among the alleys of the Historic Center, a dense network of streets full of history, art and local characteristics full of antitheses that magically come together and "work". Thus the sacred approaches the profane and tradition discovers new forms to give life to beauty.

Initially “The language of the hands” was a project created solely with resin sculptures. Thanks to the synergy with Le Voci di Dentro and Gm Group - a leading company in the production of Italian artisan and custom-made frames, owner of part of the atelier's shares - the artistic path has found a new dimension, that of paintings.

Il nostro atelier a napoli

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