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Author: Lights of Naples
Dimensions: 95x60;
Support: bulb kit + transformer

A silhouette that stands out with its reassuring shadow on the soul. Here is the San Gennaro according to Le Luci di Napoli, an intuition of the young architect Andrea Arpenti: «He is a figure that has always fascinated us - he said - He represents the destiny of an entire people. Saint, symbol, driving force, one of the people, one of us».

From today, there is also a luminous silhouette ready to defend your office, your home, your restaurant. Available in 3 different sizes, all illuminated by bulbs that represent the colors of Naples and that of its Patron.

Andrea Arpenti, a young architect from Portici, and Nando Spiezia, a young photographer with a studio in Torre del Greco, are the faces of Luci di Napoli: a project that was born via video call during the first lockdown, between winter and spring 2020.

In the period in which the world stopped, the two young professionals felt the need to give life to a design path that would revolutionize the concept of Apulian lights, «thanks to an electrical component that is no longer external, but hidden, internal». A circumstance that has made it possible to never interrupt the silhouette and to have a more impactful aesthetic result for both day and night lighting. The combination of technology and craftsmanship, study of lights and interior design, has thus given life to minimal wooden shapes enriched with colored light bulbs that represent the icons of Neapolitan style.

The marriage with Le Voci di Dentro is therefore inevitable, an art workshop located in the heart of Naples, in via San Biagio de' Librai 111, known throughout the world precisely for having given new life to the icon of the saint, with a minimal bust and faceless, even exhibited in New York museums.


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