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Author: Stefania Mussolino
Framework dimensions: 60x70cm
Sculpture dimensions: 7cm

Crafty and simpleton, lazy and brawler, full of bonhomie and malice, a mixture of wit, cynicism and causticity, lazy, gluttonous, sometimes a thief, but with such naturalness that he seems to exercise a right, always in a good mood equal, carefree, optimistic: do you understand who I'm talking about? It's not a secret, or rather it's not a simple one... the Neapolitan one par excellence: Pulcinella's secret!

Stefania Mussolino established herself over time as a Neapolitan artisan and artist thanks to a personal and artistic research, moved by the desire to give shape to beauty through materials recovered almost everywhere and transformed into "frames".

In his creations you can discover the history, the folklore, the contrasts, the traditions of the Neapolitan culture. His sculptures catapult you into the heart of Naples, among the alleys of the historic center, a dense network of narrow streets full of history, art and local specialties full of antitheses that magically come together and "work". Thus the sacred approaches the profane and tradition discovers new forms to give life to beauty.

Il nostro atelier a napoli

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