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Author: The Voices of Inside
Framework dimensions: 60x70
Sculpture dimensions: 10cm

Thirty "barrels": this is how they are called in the jargon. Thirty shots that break the silence of the night or interrupt the sound of horns, the shouting of the alleys.

Thirty “barrels”: this is how they call “le stese di camorra”, an expression in itself slang. Already because the "spread" (or "parade") is the term used to indicate an ostentation of power by the Camorra clans. A practice that criminal families use to demonstrate their strength. To strike terror into the people. Because unfortunately it is with terror that you rule in some areas, municipalities, neighborhoods where the state is absent.

The spread generally consists of moped parades followed by wild shots in the air. In jargon, they call it "stretched out" because whoever is nearby lies down on the ground to avoid becoming yet another innocent victim of organized crime.

The work of Le Voci di Dentro, dedicated to all the innocent victims of organized crime, especially the victims of the so-called stretches, tells a sad plague in Naples because our atelier is aware that telling is the first step to healing.

As the German Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt wrote, one must "understand what the atrocious means, not deny its existence, face reality unscrupulously". Never pretend that these phenomena do not exist. Never!

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