Let go

LET YOURSELF GO is an invitation that the photographer made to herself, a note to remember that in this chaos of life everyone needs to stop for a moment. Breathe, meditate, abandon yourself. The project was born during the "Effetto 48" festival, in which Imma di Lillo decided to make this "note" a shared experience, inviting participants to the Caporali Theater in Panicale.

The photographer asked each of them to feel free to express themselves, dedicating that moment to themselves, letting go, forgetting the existence of the camera. At the same time, she did the same, immersing herself in the silence of that moment, capturing their act of performance, totally immersing herself like them in the experience of the portrait.

All the artist's photographs are printed in Fine Art. You can choose whether to surround them with a Gm Group aluminum frame and protect them with anti-reflective, shatter-resistant and UV-protected Artglass glass.

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