Pulcinella paintings

Pulcinella and the Naples mask , one of the most popular and ancient.

Already known in Roman times and disappeared with the arrival of Christianity, the mask of Pulcinella it was resurrected in the 16th century with the Commedia dell'Arte and since then it is one of the most loved masks of Carnival together with Harlequin.

Pulcinella is lazy, ironic, opportunistic, cheeky and talkative . It has an insatiable voracity and is always looking for food.
For a plate of macaroni he is willing to do anything : steal, lie, cheat and get beaten.

Pulcinella he is of few words, a little clumsy, but always on the move, looking for ways to escape the prevarication and avarice of the rich and powerful.

The the color of his costume - trousers and large shirt - is white , with a black mask with a long, hooked nose and a white hat made of white fabric.

The name of Pulcinella It most likely derives from the Neapolitan “pollicino”, which means chick, and refers to the timbre of his voice.

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