Virgil's Egg Sculpture

The tale of ancient legends, a treasure of immense power.
The life and destiny of Naples preserved in the fragile strength of an egg, the one that Virgil - a magician with alchemical skills and a poet - hid in the depths of the castle that stands in the Gulf of Naples, on the islet of Megaride: the Castel dell'Ovo.

Legend has it that when the Siren Parthenope, destroyed and abandoned at the mercy of the sea, after Ulysses' unsuccessful attempt to conquer her, laid an egg among the rocks in which she had become entangled, shortly before letting herself die in the stormy waves.
All the city's fortune and heritage is hidden in it, as well as the precious ability to transform any metal into gold.

Virgil collected it and placed it safely in the dungeons of the Marino Castle, since, if it were ever unfortunately broken, or if someone found it, misfortunes and atrocities would have befallen the city of Naples and its people.
In Cardine's work, as in a Pandora's box, the key has the task of protecting the mysteries of his land forever, of preserving life and the fiery energy from which everything is born and which destroys everything.

In a small and delicate leathery casing, the origin of the universe.
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