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The bust of San Gennaro, the sculpture of the Patron Saint in a Pop Art key.
The statues and symbols of Naples with Pulcinella, the Heart of Jesus.
Neapolitan superstition with lucky horns and skulls from the cult of pezzentelle souls transplanted into archaic jewelery design.

Pictures, prints, illuminations and paintings that tell the story, art, myth, folklore of the belly of Naples; the legend of Partenope; the charm of the Neapolitan tradition.

And, again, the underwater photographs of the Submerged Park of Baia, the Gaiola and the entire Gulf: Naples, as you've never seen it before, suspended between sea and sky.

Then, the photographic portrait experience. Photographs that capture the sinuosity of bodies in free movement, enhanced by interesting plays of light and shadow,

Here are all the works and all the design objects handmade by all the Campania artists of the Le Voci di Dentro atelier. Also available as gift ideas, souvenirs, furnishing elements.

Inside Voices: Naples between Art and Design

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