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Author: Massimo Campagna
Dimensions: 70x30

The statue of the Madonna of the Chapel of San Gennaro, located inside the Cathedral of Naples. The Holy Virgin is portrayed by the artist with the technique that now distinguishes Massimo Campagna's painting: transfer, acrylic, silver leaf on shaped iron sheet treated with acids.

Massimo Campagna is a Neapolitan painter. His pictorial art was influenced by the shapes of Alberto Burri's "cellotex" and by the spiritual chromaticism of Anish Kapoor. In that period his works developed on large dimensions for a personal need to be physically inside the space of representation and to control the organization of forms through meditated and aware gestures. Over the years pop elements, images and writing have entered his painting, but always following an idea of ​​"hyper-realistic abstractionism".

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