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Author: the Boss
Framework dimensions: 47x47 cm
Sculpture size: 22x29 cm
Materials: resin sculpture with gold leaf and handcrafted wooden frame
Print run: Limited edition, 1 of 1

You will have no other Boss but me.
Far from the parlor,
Naples boasts small treasures built into its tuff and stone walls: the votive aedicules !

Whether it is works of art of the past or cruder improvisations based on neon lights, holy pictures, small gifts And ex voto , are all custodians of a devotion and spirituality that do not give up even in moments of greatest adversity for the city.

Indeed, despite the progressive abandonment of many neighborhoods he streets in the centre, the newsstands resist, thanks to a slice of the population that cares and takes care of them.

Not surprisingly, their function is to aggregation and prayer , even in the middle of the road.

This is why many Neapolitans put the photos of their deceased : to always have them close and to pray for them, in case their graves are far away.

It is also a way of symbolically bringing together a street or an alley to gather in prayer, bringing the austere symbols of religiosity closer to everyday life, making them more human.

Il nostro atelier a napoli

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