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Author: Dario Scotto
Dimensions: 72x72
Sculpture height: 13 cm
Variants: Red-Dark; Blue&Black Dark; VioletPink&Red Dark

Nigrum Cordis - a sculpture of a black heart in wood with iron thorns and nails - is part of a first experimentation by Dario Scotto in the artistic field, where there is not yet craftsmanship and there is no design. «It is an image, something that an artist has already elaborated before realizing it - declared the artist -; a wooden sculpture that reproduces a heart: the reference to thorns is in the imagination of any Neapolitan citizen who draws from his daily life».

Therefore, the reference to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is clear, one of the most present sculptures among the artisans' workshops of Spaccanapoli. «Nigrum Cordis was born as a packaged work - added Dario Scotto -, I could even have not made it, but the fun is that: the playful act is always included in the artistic gesture; we artists are children-adults who play».

In September 2021 Dario Scotto met the Le Voci di Dentro atelier. Thanks to the handcrafted and Italian frames of the GM Group, his sculptures have also become paintings.

Dario Scotto - SCULTORE

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