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Author: Luigi Mallozzi
Dimensions: 50x50 (without frame)
Materials: oil on canvas and Italian handcrafted frame

Luigi Mallozzi was born in 1995; he attended the scientific high school and subsequently the faculty of Nursing Sciences. Only in 2018 what had been a passion turns into an expressive need leading him to undertake an artistic career as an autodidact.

Initially he devoted himself to digital illustration, creating the "Strati di Blu" page; noteworthy is the collaboration with the New York Justice League in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The desire to explore new techniques leads him to approach painting; despite the different means used, his intent remains the same: to dig into human nature. The journey, often introspective, crosses a road of colors where the imaginative becomes real through aesthetics.

Il nostro atelier a napoli

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