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Author: Maria Giovanna Abbate  
Framework dimensions: 30x30 cm
Material size: 15cm

Material: bronze sculpture made at the Nolana del Giudice Foundry  
Variants: Polished or Satin.
Available in various formats, in various materials and different sizes and color variations, the work represents a contemporary restyling of the bust of the Patron Saint which manages to combine the Pop Art soul of the Neapolitan atelier Le Voci di Dentro with the traditional form of the fourteenth-century bust. The work is by Maria Giovanna Abbate, winner of the first edition. of the “San Gennaro” scholarship. A Saint. A people. His new face" in collaboration with the School of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples.  
“The reference I started from is the miracle of San Gennaro – said the artist – and the correspondence with one of the most ancient Christian symbols, the pelican, whose beak curved towards the chest to feed its young, led to believe that the animal even ripped open its own chest to feed them with its own blood. In alchemical symbols, however, the Pelican indicates the flask, used in the coobation of a liquid".  

Il nostro atelier a napoli

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