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Author: Switch
Dimensions without frame: 30x30 cm
Variants: change the size and/or the wooden essence of the frame

Naples, the largest city in southern Italy, is known for its extraordinary blend of old-world charm and modern character. It is one of the oldest European cities that has nothing to envy to other metropolises in terms of art, architecture and archeology.

Naples is an image that cannot be told. Only the scratches, only the bruises and marks can accompany the beating of the tormented heart that beats vehemently in the narrow alleys. Those chaotic streets gather fears upon themselves, create a shield that can defend fragility, console and understand the need to collapse, to feel broken. But it is from many small pieces that we become great pieces of art.

The icons of the Neapolitan tradition become designer graphics with "The symbols of Naples", an artistic project by the Switch communication agency, made up of young creatives under 35.

The graphics, created by the designer Peppe Guida, are protected by Plexiglas and surrounded by a precious wooden frame handcrafted by the craftsmen of the GM Group, a leading company in the production and distribution of Italian handcrafted frames. Precisely the synergy with GM Group and Switch, all realities belonging to the same holding company of Le Voci di Dentro, allows our atelier to sell designer graphics protected by precious frames at advantageous prices.

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