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10 euro di sconto PER CHI ordinA le grafiche di tutti i 4 re di Napoli



Author: Switch
Dimensions without frame: 10x15cm
Variants: change the size and/or the wooden essence of the frame.

The figures of the characteristic Neapolitan cards become designer graphics with "Spacc 'o mazz", an artistic project by the Switch communication agency, made up of young creatives under 35.

The graphics of the 10 Spade intertwine with the portrait of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first sovereign of Italy. An intuition of the art director Danilo Amato who connected the fighting soul of the "gentleman king", a man of command and power, with the meaning of cartomancy which identifies a wise fighter with the king of swords: an important and commanding person who could be related to justice.

The graphics are protected by Plexiglas and surrounded by a fine wooden frame handcrafted by the craftsmen of the GM Group, a leading company in the production and distribution of Italian handcrafted frames. Precisely the synergy with GM Group and Switch, all realities belonging to the same holding company of Le Voci di Dentro, allows our atelier to sell designer graphics protected by precious frames at advantageous prices.

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